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About Us

Some may ask, Why Krunch Crew? And to that we say, Why not?





  • We like LOUD!
  • We like ORIGINAL.
  • KRUNCH is our mascot.
  • Krunch Crew Originals is our brand.
  • Our brand is ORIGINAL because it has the word in it. ;) ;)
  • KRUNCH CREW is all of the artists and the fans that we collaborate with to create unique, custom designed gear.
  • is the web shop for artists and their fans.
  • BTW, before I forget to mention it, "we are techies" and everywhere you see "we" then you can also replace it with this: "a small group of friends and techies and friends of techies and friends of friends that think tech is cool and fun. Yay!".
  • KRUNCH is the culmination of a bunch of outrageous, fun, silly ideas coming to life.

    Add (un)equal parts of: Art (from local artists and creatives, featuring our friend and tatto artist Michael Ricali), tech, music, quirky, cool, colors, crypto, hip-hop, punk, soul... and a bit of this and that and krunch it all together and what you are left with is the sum of the pieces... (dramatic pause) And hopefully, this little piece gave you enough of a little chuckle to continue reading a little more. Onwards!

    We like LOUD. Not in a gaudy way, unless it looks cool, but yeah, we like loud patterns - mostly SUBTLE, and loud colors - mostly PINKS.
    We like ORIGINAL. We like stuff that not everyone else has so that's why it's so important for us to work closely with all types of artists and creatives to create original design, custom One of a Kind sneakers aka OAKS.
    Be KRUNCHEE with us!

    Where it all began

    tldr; the following ends up being one long paragraph and I wouldn't disagree that the use of breaks and paragraphs could have been better. If you'd rather not read this poignant origin story, you can skip ahead to read about what we do and OAKS.

    It all started with a verse from a hip-hop song - "Gucci Chuck Taylor's with the dragon on the side..." Hearing that verse led to the idea of making my own sneakers. Yeah, make my own, personal, one-of-a-kind sneakers! That should be easy enough to do. Right? Well that idea blossomed into the idea of using tattoo art which is personal and unique in order to make the sneaker design unique and one-of-a-kind, you know, just like my own tattoos are personal and unique and now that same art would make my kicks personal and unique and that is what led us to Mike. Mike is a good friend of one of the KRUNCH founders and he had all of these really cool tattoo art designs that fit perfectly into what I was looking to do for my one-of-a-kind sneakers, just gonna call them OAKS from here on out. So now we just needed to figure out how to get these designs over to some sneakers like Chuck's. Alright, so what are our options to make our first pair of OAKS, well... wait a second, first let's take a step back. We have the idea about the OAKS and the tattoo art, and the artist friend with the really cool tattoo designs and art. The more we talked about it we realized how much we also want to do something for Mike, for the artists, something that was cool for the artists too. Well that turned into ideas of how to accredit the artist, and show ownership of the digital by the artist and of the physical by the fan, and of how to show authenticity of the work and all of which then led to the no-brainer of an idea of making a simple web shop where we could help promote Mike's art by connecting fans of his art to his own original, custom-designed sneakers... oh, and that very quickly led to also include other gear and merchandise. So as you can hear there were and are so many great ideas that were coming out of all of this exploring and that brings us back to the present, which, I did not forget to mention, is going to be a long story and before we start that again, we have to go back to where we stopped and... Alright, so what are our options to make our first pair of OAKS, well... (let's keep this short) We started looking at how to print on sneakers and the different methods to do so - DTG, DTF, sublimation, DIY, etc. etc. Lots more ideas, lots more learnings. Great! So, yeah, we can do this and we got options, but where to start? There was a lot of "More, more, more" and on that note, let's talk a little tech now. We are techies (I mentioned that earlier) so, of course, we mostly wanted to build something ourselves. An easy way to turn your art into custom gear and sneakers and sell it. We knew there were lots of options out there to make a web shop fairly easily and for a fairly reasonable price. So we decided to start there and look at those first. Yeah, okay, if you made it this far then you probably already know where I am going with this. These options are great, but... Our biggest and most surprising learning, however, was that this was not easy. Not as easy as we thought anyway, and imho, it was actually kinda difficult. What we thought was a simple idea of making a custom design sneaker just openend up a Pandora's box of challenges. If every curious fan or artist had to go through all of this just to try to get a custom piece of gear made for selling online then well, good luck! BUT, do not lose hope! More good ideas, more learnings, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more and you get the idea. In all of the "more", we found this great company called Printful to partner up with which has the high quality products and the print methods that we are looking for to make our custom gear and one-of-a-Kind sneakers! Win, win! Fast forward to present day and back to our original DIY/BYOS (Do-it-yourself/Build-your-own-site) strategy and making it super easy for artists to get started creating and selling their gear online too. Our idea is to go that extra mile to make it easy. It's early days, but our Mission is clear, our Tech is growing, our Ideas are becoming reality, and we are thrilled to partner with Printful to deliver high quality, custom design products straight to your door.

    What is is for art fans looking for custom design gear. makes it super easy for artists and creatives to make their art designs into physical merchandise and sell it online. You have the art and we have the gear and the web shop to make it easy for you to start.
    We curate the art, work closely with you and help you all the way to make sure everyone will love the final result. And then we take care of putting it on the webshop so you can start sharing. And once you make any sales then we also handle the production, shipping, and billing of the final product to your fan's door.
    Are you an artist or have art you want to try out on some gear? Contact us


    Like a tattoo, OAKS are personal. Each design is only produced in single batches meaning only limited sizes are available. We produce between 10 to 20 pairs of these sneakers ONLY. You will have the only one in the world. No one else, but you will have that OAK design in that size. And you can prove it. Each design has a unique authenticity stamp, OAK Owner's Stamp, that is registered to you as proof of ownership and is your membership to the KRUNCH CREW.

    Check out the KRUNCH CREW Gallery to view OAK Owner Stamps.

    As a member of the KRUNCH CREW you gain early access to Next Gen "First Batch" sneakers, exclusive events, challenges, and other social activities to earn "Krunchee Coins", win prizes, and celebrate your taste in stylin' sneakers!

    "Next Gens" are produced when OAKS are sold out. Missed your chance to get an OAK? :( Not to worry, there's a new batch in the making as we speak. :) Your order is reserved and you will be added to the "First Batch list". The "First Batch List" is OAK owners and people that have submitted an order for the OAK. "First Batchers" get a chance to be first to get the "First Batch" Next Gens. "First Batch" Next Gens are released 4 weeks early meaning you will have your Next Gens a whole month before anyone else!

    Next Gens are the next generation of One of a Kinds. Next Gens are not one of a kind and are produced in unlimited batches. Each time your OAK inspired Next Gen is produced and sold then you earn Krunchee Coins. Krunchee Coins can be redeemed for KCO merch! Basically just be loud and you will earn for your eye for original style and your great taste in sneakers! :)
    A win win for everyone!

    Learn more about how to earn and redeem coins in the FAQs.

    All KCO sneakers are "universal sex" meaning our sneakers are made to be worn by anyone. OAKS are One-of-a-Kind sneakers so there is only one sneaker in each size. Be the first one and only to own a pair of your favorite artists' One-of-a-Kind sneaker.

    Check out the shop for all of our merch!