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What are One of a Kind Sneakers aka OAKS? OAKs are single batch tattoo design shoes.
We produce OAKS so that there is only one
of each size. This means that you will be
the only one that owns that OAKS design.
OAKS have a design authenticity stamp.
Authenticity stamps provide ownership.
Ownership gives benefits.
Benefits include early access to Next Gens
and earning Krunchee Coins.

Keep an eye out for new releases of OAKS!
Don't own a pair of OAKS? What are Next Gens? We make Next Gens when OAKS are sold out.
Next Gens are next generation OAKS.
They are not OAKS, but they are inspired
by the original OAK with their own
unique design.
When you order a sold out OAKS then you are
added to the "First Batch" edition list.
Next Gens come in a "First Batch" edition
which releases 4 weeks earlier than the
"Multi Batch" edition general release.
Watch for notifications and be the first
to get the Next Gens.
Where is the Order Price? What about Shipping? We review every order before placing it.
Since we have custom gear sometimes we
fulfill your order from various places.
We try to make the best shipping prices
possible for you.
That's why we don't know the final
price until after we have reviewed your
order and checked with our suppliers.

We will send Notifications
to your account on so check
there to find further information,
confirmation, or payment details.
Need to return an item? We do not accept returns for OAKS.
OAKS are only produced in Single Batches.
If you want to return your OAKS then
try reselling your original OAKS
on the Krunch Crew Marketplace.

All other KCO merch can be returned,
if it is unused.
Submit a support request above to get
more details about how to make returns.
How do I earn Krunchee Coins? You earn coins automatically
as an owner of OAKS or First Batches.
Every time your OAKS
or Next Gen First Batch
is purchased then you earn Krunchee Coins.
How do I redeem Krunchee Coins? When you want to purchase KCO merch
then you can use your Krunchee Coins
to get a discount on your purchase.
Your discount will appear on the order.
Simply decide if you want to use it.
That's it!
Got a question? Get in touch!
Submit a support request above.